Policies were updated on: 8/29/2016


For more information on Tuition, please visit our Tuition page.


  • For more specific on tuition for classes, please visit the Tuition page.
  • Meets weekly throughout the year
  • Yearly fee – broken into convenient monthly payments.
  • Payment Options:
    • By Check at the beginning of the month
    • Via Credit Card, set up to automatically deduct on the same day of the month (usually the 1st, 2nd or 3rd of the month)

What does a rate of $70 mean?  All dance classes meet weekly.  See list of dates the studio is closed.  The dance classes will meet weekly between Sept and June.  The rate for a one hour class is $70.  For your convenience, we have divided the payments into 10 monthly payments of $70, payable at the beginning of the month (see policies).  Sometimes a class meets 4 times a month, or 3 times in a month, or as many as 5 times one month or as little as 2 times in a month.  Payments are always $70, because the payments cover all classes for the year and allows us to be competitive with what we pay our teachers.  We have scheduled a few “make up” dates.  On those dates, class will only meet if students need to make up a class missed during the year.

Note: Zumba Kids is considered a dance “class”.  Adult/Teen Zumba classes have different rates. Please visit our Zumba page for more information.


  • Meets for a set number of classes, on the advertised date
  • Onetime fee, due before the class starts
  • Sometimes, a “per class” fee can be arranged.
  • Payment Options (due at registration):
    • By Check
    • Via Credit Card


  • See details provided for payment amounts and schedules
  • Usually, a non-refundable deposit is due when registering



  • Columbus Day Weekend (Oct 10)
  • Halloween Oct 31
  • FCPS November Break (Nov. 4, Nov. 7, 8) NOTE: NY Trip is Nov. 6
  • Thanksgiving (Nov 25)
  • FCPS December Break (Dec. 16-Jan 2)
  • Martin Luther King Weekend (Jan 16) (Note: There is class on Friday, Jan 13)
  • Inauguration Day (Jan. 20)
  • FCPS Feb Break (Feb. 3, Feb 6)
  • Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14)
  • President’s Day (Feb 20) (Note: There is class on Friday, Feb. 17)
  • FCPS March Break (March 24)
  • FCPS Spring Break (April 7-17)

Musical Theatre Student sin Annie WILL have classes over Memorial Day Weekend on Friday evening and Monday evening.  These classes are mandatory.  Please plan accordingly.

Students registered for classes will receive a detailed listing of when each class meets.  Please refer to the “Not Just Dance Policies” and “Dates” information provided to you on the first day of class.

Dress Code

There is NOT a dress code. Come in lose, comfortable clothes that allow you to participate in the class. Always be sure to have appropriate shoes. For acting class, please no flip-flops or boots. Dance shoes or sneakers are generally easier to move in. For tap class, well, as you would expect, you need tap shoes. So, for the dance classes, be sure to have the right kind of shoes. Questions? Please ask!


Please use the on-line registration links to sign up for classes, workshops and camps.  There is a $30/student non-refundable registration fee ($20/sibling).  All students who have withdrawn with written notice will be required to pay a $25/student non-refundable returning student fee.

Tuition Fees

Every parent will be required to entire credit card information during the registration process.  Unless otherwise pre-arranged with the office staff, your credit card will be charged the monthly fee on the 1st of the month, helping to avoid any late fees. If paying by check, tuition is DUE the first of the month. A 10% late fee will be assessed for payments received after the 4th of the month. If payment is not received by the 10th of the month, your credit card will be automatically charged for the outstanding amount due plus the 10% late fee.

When paying by check, should your check be returned for insufficient funds, your credit card will be automatically charged for the outstanding amount due, plus the 10% late fee, plus any additional fees charged by the bank.

When paying by credit card, if your card is denied for any reason, a $25 fee will be assessed.


Need to miss a class? We understand!

Our time, the teachers time, and your time is valuable. Therefore, if a student will miss class, please email at least 24 hours in advance (contact_us@NotJustDance.net). If an emergency comes up (including sickness) please text 703-629-7059. Not Just Dance reserves the right to cancel classes due to low attendance. Please visit our website to learn about the referral program.

Note: No tuition adjustments will be made due to miscellaneous absences.

Make Up Classes


The following dates are designated “make up” dates for the dance classes. If you miss any class, you may attend on this date. If there are no students that require a makeup, then there will NOT be class on the makeup dates.

Nov. 5, 2016

April 29, 2016

If dancers end up with a private lesson, that lesson counts for that class AND as a make-up class for a previously missed class or as a credit for a future class the student will miss.


Students are welcome to make up classes! So, if they miss a class on Monday, they may come to a class on a Friday. We actually encourage this so that they can spend time with the other students. Please give us as much notice as possible if your child will miss class or if they plan to attend a make-up, as we make plans based on who we expect at each class.


Students will be provided with up to 6 make ups (12 hours of missed classes) as follows:

  • Attend one dance class per hour missed
  • Attend one 1/2 hour private voice lesson per 2 hours missed (only allowed as makup before April 5th)

Withdrawing from Class

Any student may withdraw at any time with written notice and confirmation. Payments will stop one month following the date of notice. Students who do not give written notice, with confirmation from Not Just Dance, will be billed for any preceding lessons plus one month.

Observing Class

Check with Not Just Dance. Observing a class will depend on the class, the instructor and/or the location of the class. If you have any concerns, at any time, please let us know!


Not Just Dance believes in performing and focuses on the “process” and developing performers. Depending on the class, students may do a performance or presentation at the end of the workshop or at the end of year. We fully support our students’ participation in their school productions AND in community theatre. Classes at Not Just Dance are meant to prepare students to participate more fully in the arts! Dance classes will NOT have a recital.

Performance Fee


The musical theatre classes include a one-time performance fee that is assessed in March.  The fee is $105 and includes a performance t-shirt, 2 tickets, a DVD and covers some of the rental/cleaning costs for costumes.  The fee for siblings is $85 and does not include a DVD. This fee may be paid early.




Confused about which class to take? Confused about content? Please send us a note (contact_us@notjustdance.net) or give us a call (571-235-5157).

Also, please sign up to receive e-mail notifications which are sent one to two times a month with timely information about new classes and workshop.