tuition page

Not Just Dance offers musical theatre classes, theatre classes, dance classes, private coaching and workshops. The tuition rates and policies are slightly different depending on the type of class. The following section explains the tuition policies as it relates to each of these programs.

Class1st/2nd Tuition# of PaymentsLast TuitionPerformance FeeFinal Drop Date
Dance ClassesAt registration/ Sept. 1, 202310May 1, 2024NoneJan. 15, 2024
Intermediate Musical Theatre (SpongeBob); Musical Theatre (Finding Nemo); Future STaRS (Twisted Tales), Technical TheatreAt registration/ Sept. 1, 202310May 1, 2024Nov. 1, 2023Oct. 31, 2023
Future STaRS (Seussical)At registration/ Sept. 1, 20238Mar 1, 2024Aug. 1, 2023 or at registration*Oct. 31, 2023
Half Year Fall (The Grunch)At registration/ Sept. 1, 20234Nov. 1, 2023At registration or Aug 1, 2023*Cannot withdraw
Half Year Spring (Wizard of Oz Deleted Scene)Dec. 1, 2023 OR at registration*/ Jan. 1, 20246May 1, 2024Dec. 1, 2023, OR at registration*Cannot withdraw
Advanced Musical (Sweeney Todd)At registration/ Sept. 1, 20246Jan. 1, 2024Sept 1, 2024Cannot withdraw
Advanced Musical Theatre (Chicago)At registration/ Sept. 1, 20237Feb. 1, 2024Sept. 1, 2023Cannot withdraw

*whichever is later