The following part(s) have not been cast. If interested, please contact us right away to set up an auditions:

  • Lord Eveylyn Oakleigh (Brittish gentleman betrothed to Hope Harcourt. He is personable and enjoys meeting other people and learning about their lives. He may come off a bit stiff, but underneath this proper exterior is a gnerous man looking for excitement. Looking for a comedic actor to play this featured non-singing role.)
  • Sailor 1 and 2 – these are singing, cameo roles (if not cast externally, will come from the current cast)

The following part(s) will be cast FROM the Ensemble:

  • Minister
  • Luke
  • John
  • Reporter 1, 2
  • Photographer 1, 2
  • FBI Agent 1, 2
  • Old Lady
  • Passenger 1, 2, 3
  • Soloist(s)
  • Cook
  • Announcer
  • Female Passenger, Male Passenger
  • Chorus, Sailors, Passengers
Samantha Avery Angle
Alison Brown Angle
Marissa Ciaramella Estelle/Ensemble
Jillian Dalrymple Betty/Ensemble
Jessica Dickinson Casey/Ensemble
Bridget Dombro Ensemble
Angela Giaconia Hope
Timothy Gustafson Elisha J. Whitney
Amanda Jacobson Purser
Lillie Jerome Angle
Madeleine LeBeau Angle
Reilley Lin Ensemble
Neal Lucas Captain
Becca Marsh Mrs. Evangeline Harcourt
Molly Marsh Erma
Elise McCue Reno
Jun Ito Billy Crocker
Teresa Ribeiro Deck Stewardess
Chase Thompson Moonface Martin
Allison Tucker Ensemble
Cindy Yang Ensemble
Claire Youk Ensemble