ELISHA J. WHITNEY is a rich businessman with expensive taste. He is demanding, straightforward, and knows what he wants. Must be a strong actor who can convey status.

CASEY is the owner of the bar in Manhattan who attends to Whitney while he waits for Billy. Fun Cameo.

BILLY CROCKER is the show’s leading young man with stars in his eyes and a sweet, earnest disposition. He is Whitney’s assistant and gets in a ton of trouble in pursuit of love. Must be a strong singer and actor who can win the hearts of audiences with just one smile.

RENO SWEENEY is the show’s leading lady. She is foremost an entertainer and can command attention just by walking through the door. Reno enjoys the spotlight and easily makes friends with everyone she meets. Must be a strong singer, actor, and dancer and have a ton of charisma.

BETTY and ESTELLE are young women saying goodbye to their sailors heading off to sea. Must be a strong singer who can express their disgust without coming off as mean.

The SAILORS (including SAILOR 1 and SAILOR 2) are possibly the most recognizable characters from the entire show. They provide support and life for the world of the show. Must be able to sing and dance well.

The CAPTAIN is a man of authority, but he is a bit more concerned with making sure the ship has a celebrity aboard than the voyage itself. Must be a strong actor (non-singing role)

The PURSER and the DECK STEWARDESS are essentially the Captain’s right and left hands. Cast a pair of young performers who can convey a sense of urgency and authority as they deal with each new situation onboard. Must be strong actors.

The MINISTER, or Henry T. Dobson, is a pious, religious man traveling with his most recent converts. This performer should display a sense of calm and authority without effort.

LUKE and JOHN are recent converts to Christianity with a weakness for gambling. They first appear to be devout followers, but once the Minister is gone, Luke and John finally let loose and revert back to their old ways. Must be strong actors who can smoothly transition from nice to naughty.

Reno’s four ANGELS are a pack of ladies with the vocal and dance stylings to back up Reno. Entertainers by profession, the Angels are filled to the brim with talent, sass, and charisma. Must be strong singers and dancers for these featured roles.

MRS. EVANGELINE HARCOURT is Hope’s overbearing mother who truly wants the best for her daughter and herself, and she will go to whatever lengths necessary to make sure she doesn’t end up poor. This comedic, non-singing role is perfect for a performer with the ability to develop a broad character both in voice and physicality.

HOPE HARCOURT is the perfect mixture of poise and properness befitting her upper class status. While she does care about her place in society, love is what motivates her in the long run. Must be a great singer and actor as well as the perfect companion to Billy.

LORD EVELYN OAKLEIGH is a British gentleman betrothed to Hope Harcourt. He is personable and enjoys meeting other people and learning about their lives. He may come off a bit stiff, but underneath this proper exterior is a generous man looking for excitement. This non-singing role is best suited for a great comedic actor.

MOONFACE MARTIN is a gangster who is on the run (as usual). Moonface may not be the smartest person in the world, but when he commits to an idea, he sticks to it. Must be a strong actors who’s able to portray a fun-loving sense of trickery, is a solid singer, and who isn’t afraid to make big – and sometimes silly – choices.

ERMA is Moonface Martin’s partner in crime. Erma is certainly not intimidated by Moonface’s gangster reputation. This non-singing role is perfect for a young actress with a big personality who can hold her own opposite Moonface.

The ENSEMBLE is stocked full of vivid characters, including featured PASSENGERS, REPORTERS, PHOTOGRAPHERS, FBI AGENT 1 and FBI AGENT 2, an ANNOUNCER, an OLD LADY, and a COOK that help create the greater world of the ship and the play.