Auditions - Not Just Dance


See below for all of the information about upcoming audition information!


In all of our performance based classes, some form of audition is conducted to determine who will play which parts. Our goal with casting is to cast students in parts that challenge the student while also not overwhelming the student with a part they are not ready for. In all cases, we give a lot thought and careful consideration in our casting decisions. We also want every student to feel like an important part of their cast. As they say, there are NO small parts! Working as part of an ensemble is just as important a goal as working on a featured or lead role. If you have specific questions, please feel free to ask us about our decisions. Students should always ask for feedback in order to improve.

Summer Program Auditions – please click on the button below

Advanced Programs – These are audition “in” classes. Students must audition and be accepted in the program. While all students must be registered in order to participate, for the advanced classes, their acceptance into the program is contingent on the audition. 

Half Year Programs (not Advanced) – All students who are registered are “in”. Auditions are typically held before the class starts in order to have casting done before the first rehearsal. Be sure to read the information on this page about the audition process.

Year Long Program – Typically, auditions are done in class and preparation for those auditions are done in class.