There are two different Alice in Wonderland casts, with separate performances. See below for details

Nonsense Cast
Director: Rachel Hutzenbiler
Performances: April 5 @ 2 pm; April 6 @ 2 pm; April 7 @ 7 pm

Jack Abidin Caterpillar/Humpty Dumpty
Lauren Abidin Alice
Margie Amos Dormouse/Rose/Jury
TJ Anderson Tweedledee
Christina Angelicchio Mad Hatter
Ava Botros Cheshire Cat
Sophia Botros Daisy/Octave
Mary Kate Browne Marigold/Card
Jendayi Collins Tiger Lily/Ace
Emily Ellison Quattro/Cook
Tyler Ellison King of Hearts
Taylor Goodloe White Rabbit
Veronika Makowski Queen of Hearts
Becca Marsh March Hare
Emily Miller Narrator
Ella Miller Violet/Card
Jacob Miller Knave of Hearts/Card
Alexandra Smith Tweedledum
Genevieve Trumbull Trey/Duchess


Curious Cast
Director: Carla Ito
Performances: April 5 @ 7 pm; April 6 @ 7 pm; April 7 @ 2 pm

Carolyn Angelicchio White Rabbit
Luke Baumler Knave of Hearts/Card
Christian Callaghan King of Hearts
Ivy Danforth Violet/Card
Leia Danforth Tweedledee
Rachel Denenberg Dormouse/Rose/Jury
Bridget Dombro Alice
Maddy Latham Queen of Hearts
Keara Lennox Mad Hatter
Heather McLaughlin Trey/Duchess
Aidan Mohr Caterpillar/Humpty Dumpty/Card
Lily Payne Tweedledum
Nora Payne Marigold/Card
Grace Petersen Quattro/Cook
Gabrielle Rohls Cheshire Cat
Jimmy Rohls March Hare
Claire Weiss Narrator
Kathryn Whitis Tiger Lily/Ace