In this new production by Adam LeKang, we meet a classroom full of children and their teacher, Ms. Peachy, who is reading the children a book titled Mr Goose’s Charlie, Chocolate, and Charming Chipwips. As Ms. Peachy reads, the children become the characters and begin acting out the story. This story, full of rhymes and silly words, takes us through the adventures of Billy Luckit and his Dad who wins a contest to tour Charlie Chompa’s chocolate factory. We feel like the story is familiar, yet there is something “off” about this story. Our students learn lessons on how to behave and about relationships … or do they? This story playfully pokes fun of stories that are familiar to us while exploring the relevance of books in this new age of easily accessible streaming entertainment.

This production is part of the Not Just Dance Twisted Tales program geared towards helping to develop theatre skills in our younger actors. This particular story twists the Willy Wonka story with the writing style that is reminiscent of stories you find in Dr. Seuss books. The concept with our Twisted Tales program is to provide opportunities for younger students to play characters that typically are played by older students in our other classes. This year, Not Just Dance presents Seussical in May 2020 and Willy Wonka in June 2020. Because of the popularity of this program, there will actually be two showings of the Twisted Tales production of Mr Goose’s Charlie, Chocolate, and Charming Chipwips. Both performances will be on Sunday, June 7, 2020. The 2 pm performance will “feature” the Monday night Twisted Tales students and the 4 pm performance will “feature” the Friday night students. Be sure to check the casting below to see which students perform in which roles for which shows. ALL students will appear in both performances. However, there may only be one show where they are featured in a larger role.

Our sister program is our summer time Aliens in the Castle program. Adam is currently working on a new script for that one week program. We will also return next year with another Twisted Tales production. Both of these programs are for students ages 5 – 12.

Cast List

Sunday, June 7, 2 pm performance

Charlie     Riley Burden

Ms. Peachy               Raiyan Dar

Billie         Grace Costanzo

Mr. Lucket               Alex Hammer

Alberta     Caroline Wright

Viola         Hanna Dar

Klerk        Alison Ihde

Mrs. Lucket              Caroline Wright

Mrs. Flatskreen        Audrey Wolff

Mrs. Moop               Clare Markin

Patricia     Hailey Bugaj

Lizzy         Mariya Dar

Manny      Frankie Slevin

Students   Ava Coates, Clare Colburn, Emma Dillingham, Christian Duncan, Sarah Faiks, Emily Fisher, Charlotte Foster, Milo Malek, Ella Miller, Penelope Miller, Hannah Smith, Mallory Smith

Chipwip One Mariya Dar

Chipwip Two Sarah Faiks

Charming Chipwips Ava Coates, Hailey Bugaj, Christian Duncan, Emily Fisher, Alison Ihde, Milo Malek, Penelope Miller, Frankie Slevin

Sunday, June 7th @ 4 pm

Charlie     Ella Miller

Ms. Peachy               Raiyan Dar

Billie         Clare Colburn

Mr. Lucket               Riley Burden

Alberta     Mallory Smith

Viola         Hannah Smith

Klerk        Emma Dillingham

Mrs. Lucket              Mallory Smith

Mrs. Flatskreen        Emma Dillingham

Mrs. Moop               Charlotte Foster

Patricia     Emily Fisher

Lizzy         Ava Coates

Manny      Milo Malek

Students   Hailey Bugaj, Grace Costanzo, Hanna Dar, Mariya Dar, Sarah Faiks, Alex Hammer, Alison Ihde, Clare Markin, Penelope Miller, Frankie Slevin, Audrey Wolff, Caroline Wright

Chipwip One Christian Duncan

Chipwip Two Penelope Miller

Charming Chipwips Ava Coates, Hailey Bugaj, Mariya Dar, Sarah Faiks, Emily Fisher, Alison Ihde, Milo Malek, Frankie Slevin