The Wizard of Madagascar

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Note: Students will work towards a performance in June, 2019. All students who are registered will be cast. Casting decisions will be made and communicated at the beginning of Jan. Those who are registered by Jan. 21st will be considered in the main casting. Those who register after the date will be incorporated as well. Since this script was written for us, it is fairly simple to add additional parts. However, the parts of Dorothy, Gloria, Marty, Alex, Melman, Julian and Maurice will be cast following the class on Jan. 21st.


Dorthoy – the lost girl
Toto – the side kick
Radio Voice – a character only heard
Gloria – the good witch of the North
Marty – The one with no brain
Alex – the one with no heart
Melman – the one with no courage
Julian – the wizard
Maurice – the wicked witch of the West
Fossa Onessa (FO) – Right hand man of Murice
Fossa Twossa (FT) – Right hand man of Fossa Onessa
*All parts are gender neutral in terms of casting, except for Dorothy and Gloria who will be girls.