The Wizard of Madagascar

The Wizard of Madagascar, by Adam LeKang, was performed by the Twisted Tales students in the 2018-2019 year long class in June, 2019. This story was a twist of Madagascar and The Wizard of Oz. Click here to see this production in action.

In the Wizard of Madagascar, Dorothy ends up in Madagascar and Toto is lost! She searches for Toto and runs into Marty, Alex and Melman. Gloria, the good witch of the North, suggests that Dorothy go see Julian, The Wizard. Maurice and the Fossa’s have other plans and attempt to spoil Dorothy’s plans. This adorable short, one-act, play was the first of our Twisted Tales programs under the Future STaRS umbrella.

Mr. Goose’s Charlie, Chocolate and Charming Chipwips

Mr. Goose’s Charlie, Chocolate and Charming Chipwips, by Adam LeKang, is currently being working on by the 2019-2020 year long class. In this delightful production, we meet a classroom full of students and their teacher who is reading a book. The book comes to life before our very eyes. In this story, which is a twist of Seussical and Willy Wonka, the story feels familiar but is told in a unique, almost rhythmical way with strange new words and combinations of words. Come see their performance in the spring of 2020. (With the uncertainty related to the coronavirus, please check the Mr. Goose’s website for details on performances, the cast list and how to get tickets.)

In this delightful production, we are introduced to a classroom full of students and their teacher Ms. Peachy. Ms. Peachy is reading a children’s book written by Mr. Goose. The title of the book is Charlie, Chocolate and Charming Chipwips. As Ms. Peachy reads the books, the students stand up and act out the story. In the story, we learn that Charlie, the owner of a chocolate factory in town, is running a contest where the winners will be granted a tour of his famous factory. We meet Billy, his Dad Mr. Luckit, his Mom Mrs. Luckit along with other young students Alberta and Vincent and their mothers. Throughout the story, our students learn lessons on how to behave and about relationships … or do they? This story playfully pokes fun of stories that are familiar to us while exploring the relevance of books in this new age of easily accessible streaming entertainment.