Sydney Kendrick is a current student at Virginia Tech studying towards a B.A. in Theatre Performance with a minor in Psychology. She is very excited to work as an assistance choreographer on Legally Blonde Jr. this summer! After finding a love for theatre in middle school, Ed Monk and Shannon Khatcheressian at Chantilly High school helped to establish the art as an essential part of Sydney’s life. She started as an actor but has since delved into the dance world and become very involved in the creation of the department of dance at Virginia Tech. Acting as a Teacher’s Assistant this past spring semester, she has taken on a leadership role within the department. Her recent performance credits include: Mrs. Deaton in Decision Height (Virginia Tech), Charlotte Purcell in Theses Shining Lives (Virginia Tech Blackbox Workshops), Aunt Dot & Zelda in Sap of Life (Virginia Tech Blackbox Workshops).