In 2018, Not Just Dance launched a scholarship competition for graduating Seniors who are pursuing a degree beyond primary education/high school and have taken/completed a year long theatre class plus one additional class.

Not Just Dance is pleased to announce our scholarship winners for 2018!

Lindsey Jacobson

Lindsey Jacobson, from Oakton High School, plans to attend Catholic University pursuing a Bachelor of Music degree in Musical Theatre. At Not Just Dance, Lindsey took tap classes and was part of our Musical Theatre class, Shrek JR. Lindsey writes “Not Just Dance has helped me grow as both an actor and as an individual by giving me the opportunity to grow and learn as not only a student but also as a mentor. By being one of the oldest people in the cast of Shrek Jr., I did not expect to become friends with a lot of the younger actors, but as the year progressed, I found myself not only able to teach hem and help guide them in their acting and performance, but also learning from them.” She goes on to say “I was able to refine my acting for the production, and I had to beome a lot more flexible to change, all the time while serving as a role model for a bunch of young actors.” When asked about what she will do next, she explains “Theatre is my passion, and it is my life’s goal to share my love with as many people as I can and to touch people by telling stories through acting, dancing, and singing.”

Lindsey is awarded a scholarship of $200.

2018 Scholarship Winners

Diana Witt

Diana Witt, a 2018 graduate of Westfield High School, plans to attend James Madison University in the fall. Diana was part of School House Rock Live JR and has taken numerous dance classes at Not Just Dance. Diana writes “Through my theatre and dance education at Not Just Dance, I have learned my true potential, learned how to embrace change, and the mentors and teachers I have had have fostered my love for the performing arts. Through my dance education at NJD, I received individual attention that focused on helping me turn my weaknesses into strengths. I studied tap and jazz and had many different teachers that showed me the art of dance from different perspectives.” She goes on to say “Maya Angelou once said, “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” This is certainly true for all artists, and in theatre, creativity is essential. In theatre, we generate innovative, imaginative ideas on screen and onstage. By exercising ingenuity, theatrical artists can create immersive experiences that make audiences laugh or cry. Theatre can pose new questions that can question concepts and change or inspire people.”

Diana is awarded a scholarship of $200.

2018 Scholarship Winners