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Not Just Dance NYC Bun Trip - Saturday, Jan. 27, 2024 Last year, after a 2 year break from bus trips to NYC, we went to NYC with a record number of students and families! The next trip is in January!


Saturday, Jan. 27, 2024

Registration OPEN

All students must be accompanied by an adult (18+). In the past, students have come with older siblings or accompanied other parents. We will ask who is the “responsible adult” for all students who register, who are under the age of 18. The best way to explain the NYC Trip is to give you a sample itinerary of what this jam packed fun day is like!!

5:00 AM Meet at the Studio, where the bus is waiting

5:15 AM Leave for NYC

7:30 AM Rest Stop for Coffee and Restrooms

10:30 AM Arrive in Time Square, NYC

10:30 AM (Optional Workshop) (TENTATIVE time – we are working out the details)

NOTE – this explanation is from the 2022 trip. It has been left intentional as we expect the workshop to be “similar”.

This optional workshop session is taught by a Broadway performer from the show the group is seeing during our visit. Sheet music will be provided to the group, who will then work with a cast member and one of Broadway Workshop’s musical directors. The workshop recreates a true Broadway rehearsal with students learning the choreography, staging, and music directly from the Broadway production we are seeing.

Another workshop may be a backstage tour of the set and special effects of the show the group is seeing (it depends on what is available).

12:00 PM Lunch/ Free Time

Grab a bite to eat at any of the wonderful restaurants in Time Square! Maybe stop by Rockefeller to see the tree! Or swing by Macy’s to see their AMAZING Christmas display.

1:00 PM (1:30 PM, 2:00 PM typical show times) Show Time (Optional Show)

We encourage your family to see a show while in NYC! We offer group tickets the show is based on what is available and if there are workshops available.

3:00 PM (After the Show) Free Time in NYC

Ice Skating at Rockefeller, Shop in Time Square, Grab something to eat, the options are endless.

7:15 PM Board the Bus to head home

7:30 PM Leave NYC

11:59 PM Arrive Back At Not Just Dance Studio

The Digby’s

Thank you both for an amazing trip! Thomas had such a great time, the broadway workshop was a HUGE bonus. His face when they did the song live was absolutely priceless. I know a huge amount of effort and planning went into making this happen. Thank you for making the trip so special.

The Digby's
Parent/ NJD Family

Nov. 2016 Trip Video