Policies updated on 4/18/2022

Not Just Dance has lifted all COVID related procedures. We welcome all students, parents and patrons without any limitations.

2022-2023 Policies


Musical Theatre Classes, Theatre Classes, Technical Theatre Classes, Dance Classes and Private Coaching


  • On-line enrollment is complete
  • all required fees are received
  • the first monthly payment is received
  • a signed copy of the Code of Conduct & The Release and Waiver of Liability along with this Not Just Dance Policies is received.

All payments to Not Just Dance are non-refundable and non-transferable.


Not Just Dance offers musical theatre classes, theatre classes, dance classes, private coaching and workshops. The tuition rates and policies are slightly different depending on the type of class. The following section explains the tuition policies as it relates to each of these programs.

At Registration (ALL classes):

A non-refundable registration fee will be charged per registered student (see below for more information). In addition, for those registering prior to August 1st, a non-refundable $150 deposit will be charged per student. If the student remains enrolled, that deposit will be applied to fees/tuition collected on Aug. 1st (see below). Please note that all collected fees and tuition are non-refundable, regardless of whether or not a student actually attends any classes at Not Just Dance. These classes are very popular. Please be sure to be ready to commit to the class at the time of registration.

Musical Theatre/Theatre/Dance/Tech Theatre:

Tuition is based on the number of enrolled hours, per family, per week. By using the chart provided on the website, any enrolled family can see the monthly and yearly charges based on that enrollment. For your convenience, the yearly fee is paid in monthly installments beginning on Aug. 1st. These installments are monthly charges and are not related to the number of classes in each month. We do not prorate tuition for any reason. Holidays and closures are already calculated into your monthly payments. NO REFUNDS or deductions are given if a student misses class for any reason. See below about makeup opportunities.

Most classes are yearlong classes. However, some are partial year. The chart shows the first/last month tuition is applied based on the type of class.

The final date to withdraw/drop-out from a performance-based class is listed above. After this date, you will be responsible for paying tuition through the performance and all fees associated with the performance. The final date to withdraw/drop-out from a non-performance-based class (i.e. dance classes) is Jan. 31, 2023. To be removed from a class and have tuition removed from our computer system, you must provide us with written notice before the first of the month for that coming month, using the Not Just Dance Withdrawal Notice form. You may request this form by contacting us. There will be a withdrawal fee of one month’s tuition. Tuition will continue to be charged until we receive your written notification of withdrawal using this form. All tuition and fees paid to date, at the time of withdrawal are nonrefundable and nontransferable.

All accounts will be charged for tuition on the first of each month. The Registration Fee is charged at the time of registration. Performance Fees are charged according to the schedule above.


First Tuition

Last Tuition

Performance Fee

Final Drop Date

Dance Classes

Aug. 1, 2022

May 1, 2023


Jan. 31, 2023

Musical Theatre 1 (Newsies) and 2 (Annie); Future STaRS (Twisted Tales), Technical Theatre

Aug. 1, 2022

May 1, 2023

Nov. 1, 2022

Oct. 31, 2022

Future STaRS (101 Dalmatians)

Aug. 1, 2022

Mar 1, 2023

Aug. 1, 2022 or at registration*

Oct. 31, 2022

Half Year Fall (Rudolph)

Aug. 1, 2022

Nov. 1, 2022

Aug. 1, 2022 or at registration*

Cannot withdraw

Half Year Spring (Cinderella)

Dec. 1, 2022

May 1, 2023

Dec. 1, 2022, OR at registration*

Cannot withdraw

Advanced Musical (Les Miserables)

Aug. 1, 2022

Jan. 1, 2023

Sept 1, 2022

Oct 31, 2022

Advanced Musical Theatre (West Side Story)

Aug. 1, 2022

Feb. 1, 2023

Oct. 1, 2022

Oct. 31, 2022

*Whichever is later

All tuition and performance fees are due on the first day of the month according to the payment schedule. If payment is not received by the 4th of the month in which it is due, regardless of the day of the week the 4th falls on, you will be responsible for paying a 10% late fee to Not Just Dance. All accounts must have a ZERO balance on the 4th to avoid a late fee.

We reserve the right to drop a student from their classes if their account is more than 30 days past due. Students will not be able to attend class or participate in the performance if their account is not paid in full. Past due accounts will be turned over to our attorney for collections.

Alternative arrangements, i.e. payment in full or bi-monthly payments, etc, can be arranged by contacting Not Just Dance.

In the event of a state mandated closure due to health concerns (coronavirus or other) and classes are moved to a virtual environment, tuition will continue to be collected as explained. As already noted, all tuition and fees are non-refundable.

Private Coaching

Tuition for recurring private coaching is based on 2 hours (broken up in either one hour or ½ hour increments) of private coaching (voice, monologue, etc.). The current rate is available on the website.  When registering for recurring lessons, the initial non-refundable payment will be assessed immediately. Once the initial 2 hours is completed, the next payment will automatically be charged. This will continue until notification, in writing, of withdrawing from private lessons.

For one-on-one private coaching that is not recurring, students can choose a 2-hour, 1 hour or ½ hour block. The rates are available on the website. Most students preparing for an audition choose to do either a 1- or 2-hour block broken up into equal increments of voice and private monologue coaching.

When the studio is closed, there will be no voice lessons, and this will not count against your two hours’ worth of lessons. This includes all holidays and closures due to inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances.

See below for information about absences.

Students may opt to attend classes virtually. Students may switch to live or virtual at any time with at least 24 hours-notice.


Workshop fees are charged at the time of registration and are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

If a workshop is being offered virtually, that will be indicated in the information about the workshop.


There is a non-refundable, non-transferable registration fee per student per year that is assessed as soon as a student registers for any class. The current registration rate is $40 per student. Note: See Tuition above for additional charges that will be assessed at the time of registration.

All students who want to re-enroll after withdrawing will be required to pay a $25/student non-refundable returning student fee. 


Annie JR, 101 Dalmatians, Twisted Tales

Students must meet the age requirements for participation. Auditions are held in class.

Fall and Spring Half Year Program

Students must meet the age requirements for participation. Auditions will be held before classes begin. However, all students who register will be cast. No additional prerequisites or additional requirements.

Newies JR

Students must meet the age requirement. In addition, they must have attended a Not Just Dance yearlong musical theatre program that met for 2+ hours/week (for example Moana, Mary Poppins, Matilda, Oliver, Little Mermaid, Footloose, etc.). They will also be required to take at least one dance class. They may take the dance class at Not Just Dance or elsewhere. Students who meet these requirements may register. All registered students are “in”. Auditions will be held in class.

Les Miserables, West Side Story

Our advanced programs are intended to create well balanced students who are “triple” threats which means the goal is to excel in acting, singing and dancing. All students must be enrolled in at least one dance class. They may take the dance class at Not Just Dance or elsewhere. If taking elsewhere, they will sign a form attesting to the fact that they are enrolled in dance. All students must take dance classes for the entire year even if their theatre class ends sooner. Auditions are held prior to classes beginning and students must be invited to participate based on that audition.

Dance Classes

Any student may take a level 1 class. Students taking a level beyond level 1 must be pre-approved by the Not Just Dance staff (where teacher recommendations and/or placement classes will be used to determine appropriate levels). As always, our goal is to challenge students but not overwhelm them.

Technical Theatre

Students must meet the age requirement associated with the Technical Theatre class. No prerequisite; no additional requirements for participation.

Private Coaching

Students attending private coaching sessions are responsible for purchasing sheet music (or music books). They must also maintain a notebook of practiced songs and/or monologues.


Not Just Dance will be closed (for all classes) on the following dates. Please see the exceptions noted and refer to your individual class dates sheet for more information. Not Just Dance does not necessarily close when Fairfax County Public Schools are closed. See below for information about Unplanned Closures.

Labor Day Weekend (Sept 2nd – 5th)

Halloween (Oct. 31st)

Thanksgiving (Nov 22nd – 27th)

December Break (Dec. 16th – Jan. 3rd) (Note: Half year performances Dec. 16 – 18 and auditions for Spring Half Year program are Jan. 2nd and 3rd.)

FCPS Winter Break (Jan. 26th and 27th) (Note: We are open on Saturday, Jan. 28th.)

FCPS Spring Break (March 31st – April 9th)

Memorial Day Weekend (May 26th – 29th)

4th of July/Summer Break (June 30th – July 9th)

Each class has specific class meeting dates. Please pick up a class specific hand out and write ALL dates in your calendar.

Musical Theatre and Theatre

The schedule includes additional meeting dates beyond their scheduled class dates. It is the responsibility of the registered family to make sure students are attending classes on the specified dates and following the attendance procedures listed below for reporting absences.

Dance Classes

There are some situations where dance classes are not scheduled for a normal meeting date due to preparations for performances. In those specific situations, most times a virtual class option will be provided or the student may attend any other dance class with advance notice. Please be sure to anticipate these closures and virtual classes. Students may attend a makeup class prior to the actual class being missed, if needed. Please discuss makeups with the Not Just Dance Staff so we can appropriately record these makeups in our system and alert the teachers about absences/makeups. No tuition adjustments will be made for this situation.

Private Coaching

Follows the Closures listing above. In some situations, private voice lessons may be moved to a virtual class if there are performances happening in the studio. If this happens, parents will be notified. When Not Just Dance cancels a private coaching session, the student will not be charged for the missed class.


Not Just Dance will make determination of closures due to unforeseen circumstances (i.e. inclement weather, etc.) on a case by case basis. This will be communicated via the Facebook page and via an e-mail sent to the affected students. If Not Just Dance closes because of short term issues (such as inclement weather), all classes scheduled for that day will be canceled. Additional dates have already been built into the master calendar. If the studio closes because of state mandated closures due to a health pandemic, all classes will be moved to our virtual studio within one week of the first missed day.


Need to miss a class? We understand! Our time, the teachers time and your time is valuable. Please read these policies carefully.

NOTE: Rule of thumb. More than 24 hours notice, e-mail us. Less than 24 hours, call us

Musical Theatre and Theatre Classes

Our schedules are typically created months in advance in order to adequately learn and rehearse for our performances. We use our “conflict calendar” when creating these schedules. The “conflict calendar” tells us which students will be absent for which rehearsals. (See below about makeup procedures.) We do our best to work around known conflicts. Because our planning is done so far in advance, we require notification of all student conflicts as soon as possible. Please get into the practice of checking and re-checking your calendar and alerting us of absences as soon as possible.  All students will be required to provide an initial conflict calendar prior to casting. We understand that not all conflicts are known at the beginning of the class. However, we suggest that you do your best to find out about conflicts as soon as possible. This includes talking with music teachers, band directors and theatre teachers at the schools (along with Principals and Asst. Principals) to find out key dates for mid-year and end of year activities. Please keep Award Ceremonies, Band Concerts, Choral Concerts, Field Trips, Graduations, etc. on your radar and communicate conflicts as soon as possible.

Conflicts must be communicated by calling 571-392-3209 (less than 24 hours’ notice) or via email to contact_us@NotJustDance.net (more than 24 hours’ notice).

If an emergency comes up (including sickness) please call the studio at 571-392-3209.  Please do NOT e-mail the studio (call instead) if you are notifying us with less than 24 hours’ notice. Students may miss 2 rehearsals due to illness. After that time, a note from a doctor will be required for students to return to classes. In addition, for all “mandatory” rehearsals, if a student is sick, they will be required to provide a note from a doctor for them to return to classes and participate in the final performances.

We reserve the right to remove a student from scenes, songs and the show itself, for unexcused absences, for code of conduct violations (see below) or for missing (excused or unexcused) mandatory rehearsals. In this case, no tuition adjustments will be made. If the parents wish to “withdraw” the students, see the section on withdrawing a student.

Note: No tuition adjustments will be made due to student absences.  

Dance Classes

Please provide as much notice as possible for upcoming known absences. If an emergency comes up (including sickness), and you are providing less than 24 hours’ notice of an absence, please call the studio at 571-392-3209. Students may makeup dance classes by attending any other comparable dance class. Please contact the studio at contact_us@NotJustDance.net to make arrangements for makeup classes.

Note: No tuition adjustments will be made due to student absences.

Private Coaching

If you know that you will miss a voice lesson, please e-mail contact_us@NotJustDance.net. If we are provided with at least 24 hours’ notice you will not be charged for the lesson (essentially, you can “skip” a week). We ask for as much notice as possible so that we can use that time slot for other students. If you are discontinuing lessons, you must provide written notice, via e-mail, to contact_us@NotJustDance.net.

Students may not come to a private lesson sick. They will not get as much out of the lesson, and we run the risk of infecting our teachers. Therefore, if the student missed school that day, is running a fever or is unable to sing (issues with throat, nose, etc), they should not come to their lesson. In this case, and with advance notice, you may request a “virtual” private voice lesson. We reserve the right to send an obviously sick student home or stop a virtual lesson. If you need to call out due to illness or other last-minute issues, within 24 hours of their lesson:

  • Call the studio (571-392-3209)
  • You will be charged for the missed lesson.
  • You are able to reschedule, if you want. However, the original date and the rescheduled date both count towards your 2 hours of lessons.

Note: Please do not contact the private teacher directly to arrange any changes to scheduling. All private coaching sessions are scheduled through Not Just Dance, 571-392-3209.


If a student will miss a workshop due to illness or other last-minute emergencies, please call 571-392-3209. Tuition payments are non-refundable and non-transferrable.


Dance Classes:

When a teacher has a planned absence, Not Just Dance arranges for an alternative teacher to run the class. Also, if a teacher calls out sick (a very rare occurrence), we work with the teacher to arrange a sub. In extremely rare cases, if we are unable to arrange a substitute, we will work with the registered students to arrange a makeup.

Private Coaching

If the teacher cancels, for whatever reason, we will attempt to hold the lesson “as scheduled” with a different teacher. If the teacher provides appropriate advanced notice, and the students schedule has some flexibility, we will work with the teacher and the parents to reschedule with the same teacher. This will be handled by the Not Just Dance staff (vice directly with the teacher).


Dance Classes:

Students are welcome to make up classes! If they miss their class they are registered for, they may make up the class by attending a 1-hour dance class offered on a different day. Please call or e-mail the studio to schedule a makeup class.

If dancers end up with a private lesson, that lesson counts for that class AND as a make-up class for a previously missed class or as a credit for a future class the student will miss. 

Musical Theatre and Theatre Classes:

Monday/Friday AND Tuesday/Thursday Classes:

Students are welcome to make up classes!  Through pre-arrangement with Not Just Dance, if they miss the class on the day they are registered for, they may come to the same class on the other day of the week the class is offered. So, for example, if they are registered for the Monday class, they can come to one of the Friday classes. Please contact the studio to schedule the makeup class. We encourage this so that they can spend time with the other students. Please give us as much notice as possible if your child will miss class or if they plan to attend a make-up, as we make plans based on who we expect at each class. The makeup date may or may not be in the same week as the missed class. Again, as much advanced notice as possible will allow for the proper planning for both Not Just Dance and the effected family.

Advanced Musical Theatre Classes, Advanced Theatre, Theatre Classes, Half Year:

There are no scheduled make up classes.

Private Coaching:

See above for information about missing private coaching sessions.

Technical Theatre:

Students who are involved in working tech for any of our performances do not need to do a makeup for any missed regular class. We have planned enough hours to accommodate any missed classes for those that are participating.

If your student is not working any tech for our performance, they can schedule a makeup class by attending tech theatre on a different day, through pre-arrangement with the staff. Please make sure to follow the policies concerning prearranged and unplanned absences as we make plans based on the planned attendance.

There are no makeups for the Properties Technical Theatre class.


Musical Theatre and Theatre Classes:

If for any reason, it becomes necessary to withdraw a student from a class, please notify Not Just Dance using the Not Just Dance withdrawal form. You may ask us for a copy of the withdrawal notice form.

The final date to withdraw/drop-out from a performance-based class is provided above. Please try to give as much notice as possible when dropping a class, as we have students on waiting lists for many classes. If you fail to notify us before the advertised drop date, you will be responsible for paying tuition through the performance and all fees associated with the performance.

If your student needs to withdraw for any reason, there will be NO REFUND of the registration fee, tuition, or any fees, even if the classes have not yet started or the student never attended class. To be removed from a class and have tuition removed from our computer system, you must provide us with written notice before the first of the month for that coming month. There will be a withdrawal fee of one month’s tuition. Tuition will continue to be charged until we receive your written notification of withdrawal.

NOTE: See above for special circumstances. There are classes where withdrawals are not permitted.

Dance Classes:

If for any reason, it becomes necessary to withdraw a student from a class, please notify Not Just Dance using the Not Just Dance withdrawal form. us for a copy of the withdrawal notice form.

The final date to withdraw/drop out from dance classes, for any reason, is Jan. 31, 202. After this date, you will be responsible for paying tuition through the end of the year.

If your student withdraws for any reason, there will be NO REFUND of the registration fee or tuition even if the classes have not yet started or the student never attended class. To be removed from a class and have tuition removed from our computer system, you must provide us with written notice before the first of the month for that coming month. There will be a withdrawal fee of one month’s tuition. Tuition will continue to be charged until we receive your written notification of withdrawal.

Private Coaching

Please send an e-mail to contact_us@NotJustDance.net to withdraw from recurring private coaching.


Not Just Dance believes in performing and focuses on the “process” of developing performers. Depending on the class, students may do a performance or presentation at the end of the session. We fully support our students’ participation in their school productions AND in community theatre. Classes at Not Just Dance are meant to prepare students to participate more fully in the arts! Dance classes will NOT have a recital. 

The following describes the performance fees. Note, all performance fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Performance Fees:

Musical Theatre and Theatre Classes:

The fee includes a performance t-shirt, 2 tickets, a DVD (one per family) and covers some of the rental/cleaning costs for costumes. See the Tuition Section for fee schedule.

Dance and Private Coaching:


Technical Theatre Classes:

The fee includes a performance t-shirt, 2 tickets and a DVD (one per family) and covers some of the costs for additional hours of staffing. See the Tuition Section for fee schedule.


Please come to class dressed in comfortable clothing that you can move in and have appropriate shoes for the class that you are taking.  NOTE: Not Just Dance sells water bottles, draw string bags and duffle bags. Contact us if you’d like to purchase any of these items.

What To Bring…

Musical Theatre and Theatre:

  • Water Bottle
  • Pencil
  • Script
  • Hair Tie
  • Appropriate undergarments (for costume fittings, dress rehearsals and performances)
  • Appropriate shoes (sneakers or dance shoes). NO boots, flip flops or sandals!

Private Coaching:

  • Water Bottle
  • Pencil
  • Music and/or Song Books (Students must buy music to use for lessons. Otherwise, it is a violation of copyright laws. Teachers can advice and suggest and educate parents on how to acquire music.)


  • Water Bottle
  • Hair Tie
  • Appropriate Dance Shoes for the class (for example, tap shoes for tap class)

Technical Theatre:

  • Water Bottle
  • Hair Tie
  • Closed toe shoes or sneakers (no crocs)
  • No long necklaces or other jewelry


Students and parents will be required to sign a Code of Conduct form.


Musical Theatre, Theatre Classes and Technical Theatre Classes

See the scheduled dates for the “end of session” or last day of class.

Dance Classes

All dance classes end in June.

Private Coaching

If students are not planning to continue lessons in the summer, please e-mail us, by June 1st, at contact_us@NotJustDance.net. In your e-mail, please indicate when you would like to resume lessons. We cannot guarantee that you will get the same time slot when returning in the fall.


All students are invited to perform during in house events to include our annual Pancake Benefit and Coffee House.

Musical Theatre, Theatre, Advanced Musical Theatre Classes

These are performance-based classes. See the individual schedules for the class for performance dates/times. From time to time, some students will be asked if they would like to perform in the community in order to practice performing and to promote their show. When these opportunities come out, parents will be contacted about performing. These additional opportunities are optional.

Dance Classes

There are no performances associated with our dance classes.

Private Coaching

Students will have the opportunity to perform music they have been working on as part of their private lessons at our annual Coffee House and Pancake Benefit. Be sure to watch for e-mails and information at the studio about signing up for these opportunities.


No parents are allowed in the music room, on the dance floor, in the dance floor lobby area or in the theatre while class is in progress or immediately prior to/after class.  Please speak to the office staff about concerns. 


  • Not Just Dance cannot assume responsibility for loss of personal property. 
  • Cell phones are strictly prohibited during class.  Please remind your children to turn phones to silent before class.  During final (mandatory) rehearsals and performances, students may not have cell phones in the building. If you need to get ahold of your child during class, please call the studio and speak to a staff member.
  • Please remind your children to go to the restroom before arriving to class.   
  • Parents are responsible for their children before and after classes. 
  • No food is allowed in the theatre or dressing room areas.
  • At the conclusion of performances, all student participants will not be excused (released to parents) until all dressing rooms are completely cleaned. Students will be required to work as a team to help each other with the dressing rooms.
  • For performance-based classes, parents are required to confirm that their student will be able to handle the number of hours required for participation. Some younger students have a hard time with the rigor of performance schedules. It is up to the parents to determine if their younger students are mature enough to handle the class. All students are expected to follow the same procedures regardless of age.
  • Since costumes are involved for performance-based classes, students must be able to dress/undress themselves, fold clothes and have the appropriate skills to hang clothes on hangers. In addition, they will be changing in a “common” dressing room in front of other peers. We will provide information about appropriate undergarments. All students must use their designated dressing room.
  • If you would like a tour of the studio, please contact the studio.
  • If you would like to schedule additional private voice lessons, or change the dates of your private coaching, please contact the studio to make those arrangements.




I have read and understand the Not Just Dance polices outlined in this document.

Parent/Guardian Signature: ______________________________ Date: _______________ 

Student(s) Names: ______________________________


We strive every day to build character in our students, both on and off the stage, and want to deliver the very best learning experience for all our students and young performers. In order to make this possible we have the following expectations.

Our Students will:

  1. Show respect for others: Our students will respect the rights and feelings of the other participants. Fighting, bullying, cyber bullying, name calling, intimidations, bigotry of any kind, inappropriate language or any other form of emotional or physical abuse or unwanted contact directed to one another, staff, teachers or Volunteers will not be tolerated and may result in dismissal from the studio. If a student is unable maintain the proper etiquette in class, the instructor may excuse the student from that class. If a student is excused from class, he/she will be given a clear explanation of the reasons. In the rare case of a parent or student showing disrespect or defamation to any parent, staff member or student, a meeting will be called immediately, and dismissal may be considered at the discretion of the Owner.
  2. Maintain a Professional Focus: Our students are expected to pay attention to and follow the Staff/Teachers so that they can get the most out of their time here. Disruptive, distracting or problematic behavior that affects this learning environment will not be tolerated i.e. talking during class. Students may not use cell phones, watches or electronic games during classes, rehearsals, or performances and must be turned into the office.
  3. Respect our Studio: Participants will respect the theatre facilities, costumes, props, sets, and all other Not Just Dance property. Food, drink, gum or candy are not allowed on the dance floor or in the theatre. Students are responsible for disposing of their garbage and work to keep the theatre, classrooms and bathrooms clean. No touching of the studio’s mirrors or curtains.
  4. Dangerous Items: Drugs, alcohol, tobacco and weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited at the studio.
  5. Displays of Affection: Students may not engage in inappropriate public displays of affection. Our students and performers are expected to act as professionals on and off the stage at Not Just Dance, and unprofessional or suggestive conduct will not be tolerated.
  6. Always be On Time: Show up to rehearsals, classes and performances on-time and ready to get to work with all necessary props, costumes, notes or scripts.
  7. Not Leave Unless Dismissed: Students may not leave the studio during a class, show or rehearsal unless excused by a staff member or when the Directors dismiss the group.
  8. Dress Appropriately: Our students are expected to dress appropriately for all rehearsals and class instructions except where otherwise guided by a staff member for a show’s costume or for specific program activity. Items with provocative, offensive, violent or drug related pictures or slogans will not be permitted. Items advertising alcoholic beverages or tobacco products will not be permitted. Appropriate footwear is expected at all times. No sandals, flip flops, boots, bare feet, will be allowed. Students should wear suitable shoes for movement such as jazz shoes or sneakers.
  9. Never Discriminate: Students will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, disability, or on any other basis prohibited by law.
  10. Abide by the Three Strike Rule: Students breaking any of the code of conduct rules will have the following disciplinary actions. The first instance: student will be given a verbal warning by a staff member. The second instance: student will be given a verbal warning, and parent/guardian will be contacted. Third instance: a meeting will be called immediately, and dismissal may be considered at the discretion of the Owner.
  11. Any student who believes that he or she has observed or has experienced prohibited behaviors should report these immediately to a staff member.
  12. Choreography, costuming and studio policies remain the intellectual property of Not Just Dance and may not be reproduced or sold by any students, parents or staff without permission of the Owner.
  13. Videotaping or other video or audio recording and photography of any rehearsal or stage production at Not Just Dance is strictly prohibited.
  14. When attending virtual classes, do not share the links to the classes with anyone, including other cast members. Ensure that all of the code of conduct items listed here are followed even in a virtual classroom environment. Appropriately identify yourself using your actual name. Follow all instructions given by the teacher including un-muting, activating cameras, muting, etc. Ensure that you have a safe space for moving and participating in class.

Not Just Dance/Student/Home Agreement

Not Just Dance will:

  • Create an atmosphere and environment that will encourage the highest artistic standards to be achieved and maintained.
  • Highlight the importance of promoting and establishing a team spirit with its incumbent freedoms and responsibilities.
  • Provide a firm foundation for the creativity and fun which characterizes all Not Just Dance productions and activities.

The Student will:

  • Do their best at all times
  • Learn their lines and lyrics by the date set
  • Have good behavior in line with the Code of Conduct
  • Dress Appropriately in compliance with the Code of Conduct
  • Respect other people, their property and their personal space
  • Ensure prompt and regular attendance at classes, rehearsals and performances
  • Not share private information to include videos of rehearsals or performances; photos of rehearsal or performance; or the links to private virtual classes.
  • Have fun and help others to have fun




The Family will:

  • Pay all fees promptly
  • Complete, sign and return relevant forms (Policy sheet, code of conduct). Inform Not Just Dance immediately if there are any changes to any of these.
  • See that our child arrives at classes, rehearsals and performances on time and that suitable arrangements are made for their collection on time.
  • Inform Not Just Dance as soon as possible if our child is going to be absent from any event.
  • Let Not Just Dance know promptly about any concerns or problems that might affect our child’s behavior/work.
  • Ensure that our child is dressed appropriately according to the dress code and has any required materials for the day.
  • Support my child in learning lines and any other activity.
  • Ensure that my child has appropriate space for participation in virtual classes, as needed.


Signature _______________________________________________