Dear School, PTA, PTO,

I am very excited to present our NEW after school theatre program.  Not Just Dance is a new theatrical arts studio, formed to provide theatre education to students of all ages.  Our staff has a variety of experience on stage and behind the scenes.  As a past PTA President (Brookfield Elementary School) and past Cultural Arts Chair (Greenbriar West Elementary School), I know how much you value great programs!

Please contact us for a complete packet, including cost details, space requirements, and all necessary forms to start an after school program at your school.  Please let us know if you have any questions.


Dawne LeKang, CFO – Chief Fun Officer


Each session is 10 weeks.  Not Just Dance will work with the school to determine dates and times that work best with the school calendar.  Each session is 1.5 hours.  Therefore, each session is 15 hours of training.  Schools may pick one session, two or all three sessions.  We can accommodate any age range and work with the school to set up the appropriate program.


  • Each Session is 10 weeks
  • 1.5 hours per week (total of 15 hours of instruction per session)
  • Fall (Oct – Dec); Winter (Jan – Mar); Spring (Apr – June)


Schools may choose all 3 sessions.  Not Just Dance will tailor the program to build on previous sessions.


We have two cost models – one based on a per student rate (approximately $100/student) and the other is a flat fee with a cap on the number of students participating.  It really depends on whether the school, PTA or PTO would like to use the program as a small fundraiser, or if they would like to pass on actual program costs to the participants.  Contact us for the details.


Not Just Dance provides a form letter that can be used to announce the program.  In addition, Not Just Dance provides a registration form.  Per our insurance requirements, all student participating in the program must provide a registration form, with the appropriate signature by a parent or legal guardian.

Insurance/Background Checks:

Not Just Dance is registered with FCPS facilities and has professional liability insurance, in compliance with those requirements.  The insurance is on file with Fairfax County.  If requested Not Just Dance can provide copies of the Certificate of Liability Insurance.

In adherence with FCPS regulations, Not Just Dance Fun Officers have had or will have Virginia State Criminal Background Checks.  If requested, proof of clearance will be provided to the PTA representative.

Customer Requirements:

The Customer (school, PTA, PTO) will provide a point of contact or liaison.

The Customer is welcome to have the liaison (or any additional parents/staff) present at any and all classes.  However, it is not required.