Wizard of Oz: The Deleted Scene

By: Eddie McPherson

CAST OF CHARACTERS (in Order of Appearance) (Note: All parts listed here have speaking parts. We reserve the right to add non-speaking parts to help tell the story and give additional parts to students. Also, we reserve the right to cast students in more than role, if necessary. We will match students to a part that appropriate challenges them. The small, medium, large helps to define how many lines a part has, not how much stage time that character has.)

DOROTHY – meek farm girl from Kansas (large)

FARMER – has crow problems (medium)

WIFE – Farmer’s Spouse (medium)

SNICKER BIRD – giant, colorful bird under a spell (medium)

RAVEN – giant, black bird under a spell (small)

CROW – another (medium to large)

GLINDA – sassy diva on a mission (large)

Tinsmith – Tin Man’s creator (medium)

Apprentice – Tinsmith’s assistant (small)

West – wicked witch of the west (large)

Army Bird One – a soldier in West’s flying army (medium)

Army Bird Two – Another (small)

Glindalina – Glinda’s faithless apprentice (medium)

Gretel – vacationer in Oz; Hates witches (medium)

Hansel – another vacationer in Oz; Gretel’s brother (small to medium)

Reporter – Munchkin reporter (small)

Camera Person – reporter’s assistant (small)

Munchkin One – Dorother admirer (small)

Munchkin Two – Dorother admirer (small)

Toto – Dorothy’s growling, growing dog (medium)

Jack – Glinda’s eager ally (small)

Jill – another of Glinda’s eager allies (Medium)

Red – advocate for courage (medium)

Police – Munchkin Police Officer (medium)

Witch Docter – the wrong kind of witch doctor (small)

Husband – Munchkin father-to-be (small)