Virtual Classes are a wonderful opportunity for students to attend a class when a health crisis exists (like the coronavirus pandemic), when students are out of town or when students prefer to take a class from home. With this wonderful opportunity comes some responsibilities on the part of Not Just Dance and our students to ensure that everyone participates safely. These additional “code of conduct” criteria will be added to the Not Just Dance Code of Conduct that every student signs in order to come to Not Just Dance for classes. These new codes of conduct include:

Not Just Dance will:

  • Provide a waiting room for students. Teachers will accept students into the class, if that student is registered to attend that class (or have previously made arrangements with Not Just Dance to attend a makeup class.)
  • Provide a password for students to enter the class.
  • Remove any student from class that is not registered or is not following the additional code of conduct measures as defined by Not Just Dance.
  • Ensure that video and audio is turned “on” for all teachers so that students can easily identify the teacher at all times

Not Just Dance Students will:

  • All students must appropriate identify themselves using their real first name and first initial of their last name so teachers know who is attending class.
  • All students must ensure that their video is turned “on” when they enter the class and must ensure that video remains on for the entire class time (unless otherwise instructed by the teacher)
  • Protect the class link and password by not providing it to anyone. (This includes other students. If a student is asked for a link, they should instruct the person asking to contact Not Just Dance.)
  • Per the code of conduct currently in place, no student is allowed to video tape or take photos in any Not Just Dance class, rehearsal or performance. In addition, no student may post video or photos of a Not Just Dance class to any form of social media without prior approval from Not Just Dance. (Note: Not Just Dance typically provides permission for head shots and other publicity photos, provided by Not Just Dance to be used in social media promotions of upcoming shows. Students should ALWAYS seek permission when posting photos of other students.)