Twisted Tales

Ages: 5-8

Twisted Tales is our year long program specifically designed for our youngest Future STaRS! The program consists of theatre games, movement and performance etiquette provided in a safe and nurturing environment, employing positive feedback, which allows each child to learn and have fun! In addition, students will work, throughout the year, on their own performance, using a script specifically written by our Not Just Dance staff for this class. Each year, the performance will change. But, in each case, the script will either be based on one (or a mash up of two or more) stories being done by Not Just Dance students that year. So for example, what would happen if Alice (from Alice in Wonderland) went to Munchkinland (from Wizard of Oz). In this class, children will be encouraged to act silly and express themselves while learning how to respect others, grow their confidence, use and develop their imagination and increase their confidence.

[themify_box style=”yellow info”]Not Just Dance also offers a dance class for our young students too. We typically start including students in our theatrical productions at age 6 (depending on the show). Be sure to look at the ages for other theater classes.[/themify_box]