Camp Soggy Lake

Not Just Dance is pleased to announce the 2nd Session of our ALL Virtual Theatre Class and their production of Camp Soggy Lake By Thomas J. Misuraca.


Camp Soggy Lake is a comedy about getting a group of uninterested teens to recognize the beauty of nature around them. A camp counselor tries to show four campers how much fun they can have a Camp Soggy Lake. But they are all distracted by their own self-interests (most those being electronic devices). The counselor’s attempts to convince the campers that they’ll have more fun outdoors are comically futile. Once she gives up, the campers one by one begin to discover something about Soggy Lake that appeals to them.

This royalty-free play by Thomas J. Misuraca is part of a fantastic collection of plays for kids and teens on Drama Notebook.


Maggie: (a perky camp counselor, late teens.) – Silvia Gusmati

Carly: a pale, bookworm camper – Joanna Castaneda

Bobby: a TV obsessed camper – Aly Killer

Sasha: a cell phone/social media obsessed camper – Bella Killer

Alex: a video game obsessed camper – Alexa Castaneda