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Dance Classes

2020 – 2021 Dance Classes

Welcome to Not Just Dance, where dance classes are a bit unique from other dance studios!!! Here, we focus on technique, since most (if not all) of our students take dance to augment their theatre participation, either at Not Just Dance or in the community. Read on to learn what makes our dance classes so special.

***NEW – All live classes will have the option of obtaining a “virtual” link so that students can participate in class from home. Students will need to request the link. But, this will be an option for any of our dance classes. Going to be out of town? Attend virtually. Need to jump in the shower right after class? Attend virtually. Feeling a little under the weather and not sure if you are coming down with something? Attend virtually. Not ready to venture out into the world, post-pandemic? Attend virtually. The reason for doing this is YOURS. No judgement from us.

***NEW – VIRTUAL Classes. We are still working out the details. But, we will be offering some classes where the entire class (teacher and all students) attend virtually! 

Why take dance classes at Not Just Dance?

Not Just Dance is a theatrical arts studio focused on teaching skills for success in a theatre environment. For musicals, students must be able to dance. Older students, boys and adults may find the Not Just Dance attributes are a perfect fit! Of course, we welcome students  of all ages and all skill levels in our classes.

Small Classes

  • Never More than 12 students
  • Individual attention
  • Class content modified for skill level of students

NO Recital

  • We are focused on learning to dance
  • Missing a class is never an issue

NO Dress Code

  • Wear what makes you feel comfortable
  • All bodies are beautiful and made to dance!

Excellent Facility

  • Comfortable waiting area for parents (with couches, table and chairs, internet access)
  • Suspended floor

Excellent Staff

Dance Dates and Information

Please follow this link to see all of the dates for all each of the dance classes offered in 2020-21

See POLICIES page for information on how to turn ANY dance class into a virtual dance class




Hip Hop

Combination Classes