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Summer Dance Pick and choose your dance classes

Sign up for each class individually. Pick and choose classes that fit your schedule and your interests! Must register for a minimum of 6 classes/student (see tuition rates below). Sign up for 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12 classes! For example, only available on June 19, July 10 and Aug. 14th. Great! Sign up for the appropriate level tap class that day and a dance styles class. Only interested in tap? Then, sign up for all 6 tap classes. Want to do all 6 tap classes and 4 of the dance styles classes. Great! Then, sign up for the 10 classes. Tuition will be adjusted, by the Not Just Dance staff, once you finish registering for classes. (Note: Discount applies to each individual student. No additional discounts. If you have siblings that want to attend the summer dance program, the registration is for each individual student.)

Tap Classes

Choose between a beginner tap class (5 pm) or a non-beginner class (7 pm). Pick and choose dates/times that work for your schedule. Register for each tap class individually.
Class Options: June 18, 25, July 30, Aug 6, 13, 27
5 pm – 6 pm – Beginner
7 pm – 8 pm – non-Beginner

Dance Styles

All Dance styles classes are from 6 pm – 7 pm. Pick a tap class and take 2 hours of dance!

June 18 – Bob Fosse Dance

Come learn what Bob Fosse brought to the world of dance! Fosse’s unique jazz dance style was stylish, sexy, and easily recognized. Having grown up in cabaret nightclubs and never feeling like he fit the mold of traditional dance technique, Fosse decided to turn his oddities into his own signature style. Some of his dance trademarks included sultry hip rolls, smooth finger snaps, turned-in pigeon toes and specific, detailed movements. Bob Fosse was the choreographer for Chicago, Pippin, Cabaret and many more! No experience necessary.

June 25 – Bollywood

Come take a peek into the world of Bollywood! This dance style is typically seen in Indian films oversees and is a fusion of various dance styles including bhangra dance, hip-hop, Arabic and jazz dance. It’s an incredibly joyful, high energy dance style that is sure to leave you smiling ear to ear. No experience necessary.

July 30 – Broadway Jazz

With little explanation necessary, Broadway jazz technique has taken the world of theatre by storm. Our Broadway jazz session will focus on strong technique, theatricality, and lots of style. Many of the greatest dancers and choreographers in the world have worked in the Broadway dance world, and it remains one of the most popular and influential forms of dance. There’s no business like show business! No experience necessary.

Aug. 6 – Contemporary Jazz

Looking to get creative? Contemporary jazz is a current form of dance that shares movement characteristics with contemporary modern dance and traditional jazz technique. Evolving as a reaction to the rigid dance techniques of ballet and jazz, contemporary jazz emphasizes natural body movements, expression, flexibility, extension, turns and more improvisation than traditional techniques. A beautiful and challenging style for young dancers! No experience necessary. 

Aug. 13 – Swing Dance

Lindy Hop your way onto the dance floor for our swing style class! Swing dance is an upbeat and playful dance often set to jazz music. It began as a group of social dances that developed with the big band swing style of jazz music from the 1920’s to the 1940’s. From the Charleston to the Jitterbug, swing dance is the epitome of energy and fun! No experience necessary.

Aug. 27 – Disco Dance

Welcome to disco dancing, an amazing retro style created for fun dance and pleasure. It is mostly associated with the disco music and discotheques of the disco era 1970s, full of flashing lights and a disco ball strobing from the ceiling. In this class, students will get their groove on and boogie down to some great tunes and explore their own self-expression. This unique dance style encourages creaEvity and “togetherness” as it can be a solo or group acEvity. Come channel your inner John Travolta and learn some far out moves this summer! Can you dig?


Register for each class individually. Pick and choose classes that fit your schedule/interests. Must register for a minimum of 6 classes/student. (Note: the registration system doesn’t know how many classes you will pick, so each class shows a tuition of $31/class. The Not Just Dance staff will adjust the amount posted based on the number of classes you register for.)
6 classes – $186
7 classes – $210
8 classes – $232
9 classes – $252
10 classes – $270
11 classes – $286
12 classes – $300

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