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Toymaker Gepetto creates a wooden puppet toy named Pinocchio and wishes on a star that he would be a real boy. A kindly Blue Fairy appears and grants his wish thus making Pinocchio come alive. Pinocchio learns that he must prove himself worthy in order to make his father’s wish come true. Along the way Pinocchio meets many characters in this classic tale of Pinocchio!!

Audrey WolffBarker at The Puppet Show, Julietta, Gina
Ava BotrosBlue Fairy, Columbine
Charlotte CarrThe Talking Cricket, Portia
Emily MillerThe Fox, Giovanni
Emily ShortThe Cat, Mario
Hanna DarLuigi, Pietra, Francesca
James AbidinCoachman, Bernardo, Pantalone
Justin ShortMaster Cherry, Candlewick
Mia PharesAngelina, Romano
Renda DalyFire Eater, Guido
Sophia BullardSerafina, Lorenzo, Pietro
Sophia BotrosPinocchio
Sophie BuntonMirandolina, Sofia
Tom AndersonHarlequin, Vittore
Will SanfilippoGeppetto