Theatre Classes

Not Just Dance provides a variety of performance based theatre programs. 

Musical Theatre No audition required

We offer several Musical Theatre options that do not require an audition. Basically, if you are able to register your student, they are in! We have year long classes (that meet Sept – June) and 1/2 year (or partial year) programs.

Plays No Audition Required

We also offer straight plays, that also do not require auditions.

Advanced Classes Audition Required for Participation

For these classes, students must audition and be accepted into the program. In order to audition, students must be registered. A non-refundable registration fee will be collected along with one month of tuition. If the student is not accepted into the program, the fee paid will go towards other classes (for example a backup class) or will be refunded. We highly recommend that students register for a backup class in case they are not cast. Auditions are held in August.