Wednesday May 6

6:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Register for a 10 minute audition slot. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see available slots. If you can not make it on May 6, please contact us.

NOTE: The auditions will be held “virtually”. Prior to the audition, you will receive a link for the audition. Plan to come to the “audition” 5 minutes before the audition. Test your sound on your end BEFORE the audition so you are ready to go at your audition time. Be prepared to tell us the name of the song, the musical it is from (or the artist name), the length (no more than 4 minutes) and any costume plans. You will be invited into the room at your audition time.

Please prepare a song, no longer than 4 minutes. Think about what you might wear for a costume, and if possible, wear that costume to the audition. You must have a back track on a device that can connect to a blue tooth speaker.

We will select 20 performers

When is the VIRTUAL Pancake Benefit?

Pancake Benefit: Saturday, June 20, 2020 @ 10 am

What can I expect if selected?

VIRTUAL Breakfast: Because this will be a virtual breakfast, things will run a little differently this year. We hope to have all performers at the studio, where we will stream the performance live to our ticket holders in their own homes. We will discuss specifics if you are selected. The benefit of performing from the studio is that a) we can take care of all technical issues on our end and b) you will have each other to perform “for” thus giving you a little bit of an audience (to feel the energy).

NORMALLY: You will be assigned to one of the two time slots. You will be asked to wait on one or more tables when not singing. At some point during the slot, you will be asked to sing your song and interact with the patrons. We will hold a short training session on the day of the Pancake Benefit. If you are able to help out in both sessions, please indicate that at the audition.