PINOCCHIO – Gepetto’s wonderful wooden puppet. Once Pinocchio is brought to life, he finds it difficult to learn how to be a good son. As the play progresses, however, he becomes less puppet-like, and turns into a real boy.

GEPPETTO – a kindly by lonely old woodcarver, who wants to create the most wonderful puppet in the world.

MASTER CHERRY – Geppetto’s practical carpenter friend.

BLUE FAIRY – “The Godmother of all little puppets.” She is beautiful, gracious and kind.

HARLEQUIN & COLUMBINE – the two wooden puppets Pinocchio meets during his adventures.

FIRE EATER – the showman who threatens to destroy Pinocchio, but give him gold instead.

THE FOX, SANDOR S. SWINDLE – a glib, though rather unsuccessful, crook.

THE CAT, SYDNEY – the Fox’s devoted, though not very intelligent, sidekick

CANDLEWICK – a bad boy

BARKER AT THE PUPPET SHOW – a greedy and stupid man

COACHMAN – the lying hypocrite who lures boys and girls off to The Land of Dingalings.

THE TALKING CRICKET – Pinocchio’s loyal friend



ANGELINA – The Bookseller

BERNARDO – The Baker

SERAFINA – the Flower Seller

GIOVANNI – The Candlemaker

PORTIA – The pizza maker

VITTORE – A Tailor and Used Clothing Dealer

LUIGI and LORENZO – Two young sailors temporarily ashore who work part time as roustabouts (stagehands) for the puppet theatre, and then later for the Coachman

OTHER PUPPETS: Peitra and Piatro; Romano and Julietta; Pantalone and Mirandolina

CHILDREN OF THE TOWN: Gina, Sofia, Francesca, Guido, Mario, Santino