All Students must be registered for Puffs to audition.

August 16 & 17
6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Call Backs- August 21 & 23 (By Invitation Only)

*Register for an “Advanced” Audition. You will be auditioning with students who are also auditioning for Footloose. So, if you are interested in both, you only need to do one audition. However, if you are auditioning for both, please prepare 2 different monologues in order to show your strengths for each show. Since this is an advanced class, we expect that all students will do their homework in terms of understanding the different characters (beyond “the leads”). Plan to stay for the entire 2 hours.


  • Prepare a 1 minute monologue
  • Fill out the Audition Form.  Bring it, along with a small photo.  (If a resume/headshot is available, please bring that along with the Audition Form). The audition form will be provided to registered students.

Preparing for Auditions:

Not Just Dance offers both workshops and private lessons to prepare for auditions.
Please check our Product Recommendation list for a list of appropriate song books and monologue books.

This an “audition in” class at Not Just Dance. If you’d like to ensure your students participation in a class/performance, please register for one of our other classes. All students who register for this class recognize that they may or may not be cast in the production

If you have a conflict with the audition dates/times, please let us know at the time of registration. We will set up a separate audition for you.

  • A Very Tall Man
  • Seamus Finnagan
  • A Certain Potions Teacher
  • Professor Turban
  • Ghost History Teach
  • Uncle Dave
  • Goyle
  • A Fat Friar
  • Clumsy Longbottom
  • Hermeoone #3
  • Viktor
  • Hermeoone #1
  • Blondo Malfoy
  • Rowena
  • Rita Scooter
  • Bippy
  • Zach Smith
  • Real Mr. Moody
  • 1st Headmaster
  • Professor McG
  • Professor Sproutty
  • Xavia Jones
  • Professor Lanny
  • Runes Teach
  • Mr. Bagman
  • Myrtle
  • Ginny
  • Helga
  • Frenchy
  • Ms. Babble
  • Professor Locky
  • Mr. Nick
  • Colin
  • Harry
  • Hermeoone #2
  • Ric Gryff
  • Sal
  • 2nd Headmaster


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allison b
anna p
audrey i
ava b
clare c
colin s
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ella m
ellie f
emily e
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jack a
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