Workshop Type: Stage Combat
Workshop Level: Beginner/Level 2

Get ready to fall, punch and kick your way through some basic stage combat techniques. Learn the art of unarmed techniques used on the stage. This class will focus on how to perform these moves safely and help you look really awesome in the process. 
Prerequisite: PASS Level 1 Stage Combat
In Level 2, students will review the rules of Stage Combat and go over stage combat terms. In addition, they will learn the rest of the skills from this list:  Fall, Shove, Scratch, Punch, Choke, Eye Gouge, Groin Kick, Hair Pull, Stabbing, Kick, Restraint, Push, plus others.

<day TBD>, <dates TBD>, 2022
<times TBD>
Instructors: Mr. Jack & Ms. Abby

Cost: $150

This will also be a 6 hour workshop. Dates/times – TBD.