Classes are held on Saturdays from 1 pm – 4 pm.

You must audition and be cast to be in this class. Please see below about additional dates and extended times as we get closer to the actual performances as well as audition information. Please make sure the scheduled performance dates are available dates for your students before registering.


  • Thursday, Feb. 15 at 7 pm
  • Friday, Feb. 16 at 7 pm
  • Saturday, Feb. 17 at 7 pm
  • Sunday, Feb. 18 2 pm

***SNOW DATES*** for performances Feb 18 at 7 pm, Feb 19 at 7 pm, Feb 23 at 7pm, Feb 24 at 2 pm & 7 pm, Feb 25 at 2 pm.


See Tuition Rates.

Tuition is charged monthly, regardless of the number of classes held in a particular month. The first tuition will be collected at registration. Those accepted into the program will continue to be charged a monthly tuition amount from Sep. 1, 2024 (2nd payment) through Jan, 2024. Please refer to the policies for detailed information regarding tuition payments. 

Please note that all students enrolled in this class must be concurrently taking dance classes through June 2024.

All students must be registered in dance or show proof of taking dance at another studio by Sept. 1st. If neither of those have happened, students will be automatically enrolled in a dance class that has openings and parents will be charged for the dance class along with the tuition for the Advanced Musical Theatre class. See the Tuition Rates page for examples.

Those not accepted into the program will be refunded any specific tuition paid towards the Advanced Musical Theatre class (only). Adjustments will be made to monthly tuition based on other registrations.

Students may not withdraw, if they audition and are accepted into the program. If there is a concern about the commitment or dates, please be sure to withdraw prior to the auditions.


This is an advanced class for students serious about musical theatre. The class has a dance requirement (see information under Tuition below). In addition, we expect students to be enrolled in choir at school or taking private voice lessons.



Note: All students who register must audition and be accepted into the program.

Note: We will not be limiting the number of students who can initially register. So, if a student turns 10 this summer, you can either wait to register, or contact us and we’ll help get your student registered.


A registration fee will be assessed at the time of registration. A performance fee will be assessed on Sept. 1, 2023. This fee includes a performance t-shirt, DVD, 2 tickets and costume cleaning/rental fees. Note: Sibling performance fees are discounted. See Tuition page for details.

This program is for serious students. Therefore, all those cast are expected to be enrolled in dance classes (at Not Just Dance OR elsewhere) and be either enrolled in music classes at school or taking private voice lessons. More specific requirements may be placed on other roles. See casting for information.