Technical Theatre Projects

  • New Materials/Projects:

    • The Chair for Sweeney Todd
    • The Wall for Chicago
  • Construction:

    • Created set for Grunch/Sweeney Todd; Chicago/Seussical; Finding Nemo/ Spongebob/ Wizard of Oz Deleted Scenes/ Twisted Tales
    • Created 4 – 10′ “false” walls for the Grunch to hid the Sweeney Todd set behind
    • Using cloth, foam, casters, and wood. Constructed a working drop seat chair for the production of Sweeney Todd
    • Perellis Cart and the Oven complete with working selves and compartments as well as lights for the fire in the oven. The piece needed to be moveable, double sided and the ability to have people go through it.
    • Worked with wood to construct the Chicago Wall. Complete with over 6000 lights, 8 channels of lights rows and 3 channels of Chicago to create one, 12 foot by 10 foot wall.
    • Created 4 different 20 foot back structures
    • Created 5 different Spongebob “houses”
    • Created Pies for Sweeney Todd
    • Constructed 35 Krabby Patties for Spongebob
    • The Tank for Finding Nemo was constructed entirely of wood and lights
tech 33
tech 32
  • Painting

    • Created a cross hatch of greys for the Sweeney Todd walls as well as a stripe effect for the “below the chair rail” to have cohesion between the set and Perellis Cart and the Pie Shop.
    • Created a School logo for the Grunch
    • Learned a wet on wet technical for stage lights to hit the back wall and have movement for Fining Nemo
    • Learned to create sand for the Bikini Bottom in Spongebob
    • Created 5 “houses/locations” for Spongebob
    • Acting boxes were painted to look like Wooden Crates, Seussical Book covers & Color blocks for Underwater
    • Painted the Volcano with multiple bricking effects, to create a look of rocks
    • Basic painting to include painting/priming wood, platforms and the stage
  • Sewing:

    • Designed, pulled, created all costumes for Chicago
    • Developed their own pattern for the skirts in ‘All I Dream About Is Love’ from Chicago
    • Learned and used Knife Pleats, Box Pleats, Inverted Pleats, & Kick pleats
    • Created Design and execution for Squidward in Spongebob; Dori, Nemo & Marlin in Finding Nemo, Ms.Sunshine in Chicago, Roxie & Velma ending Costumes in Chicago
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  • Set design
    • Created Initial Designs for the Sets which were presented to each director
    • Learned and implemented stage masking
    • Worked with Velcro on skirting platforms
    • Changed Masking based on the needs of each show
  • Running Crew
    • During transitions changed the set to accommodate the scene change; couches, tables, benches, rolling flats, platforms, beds, boxes, curtains etc.
    • Assisted cast members with costume changes (especially quick changes)

Maybe you saw some of their handy work! Many more things were made for each show but this highlights a few of our favorites.