Tech Theatre Dates & Information

Technical Theatre students who show the appropriate maturity may be asked to assist with lights, sound and/or stage management/crew for select shows. Students in the class will work on production elements for all Not Just Dance 2024-2025 shows. Dates shown in bold are different days of the week from normal meeting dates.

Make Up Classes:

There are NO makeup classes for Beginner Tech 1.

For all other tech classes, please contact the studio to arrange a makeup for your student. We will confirm appropriate makeup dates.

Please give us as much notice as possible if your child will miss class or if they plan to attend a make-up, as we make the schedule based on who we expect at each class.

Performance Running Crew Dates & Information

Students must be invited to participate in a performance. Technical Theatre students must show the appropriate level of maturity and have the required availability to be invited to participate. The following dates are provided for planning purposes. If a Technical Theatre student is chosen to work on shows but is not available for all the dates listed, please let us know. The Staff of Not Just Dance will contact parents/students to invite students to participate as appropriate. Each show has a separate performance fee.

Fee Schedule Dates:

  • A Performance Fee ($180) will be assessed for each performance once the student accepts the invitation to participate. This fee includes a performance T-shirt, blu-ray DVD, 2 tickets and additional hours of supervision. Example, if your student is invited to participate in Spamalot, Addams Family and Junie B Jones but they only want to do Spamalot and Junie B Jones, the total performance fee for both shows would be $360.
  • Monthly tuition payments will be processed starting at registration and then on the first of the month September 2024 – May, 2025. Please refer to the policies for additional information about tuition policies.
  • All fees (tuition, registration, performance, etc.) are non-refundable and non-transferable.