Shout out to Not Just Dance, the children’s/teen performing arts studio that has nurtured all three of our kids since 2016. They were 11 days away from opening weekend for A Chorus Line (high school edition) when the pandemic closures started. Meeting virtually for weeks, then outside for a few rehearsals, they pulled off a weekend of great performances, **reblocking about half the show in the last week** to make sure the actors could be as socially distanced as possible. Students were singing and dancing with masks when rehearsing and the staff got permission for a virtual ticketing option from the licensing group to keep in-person audiences small, separated and safe. It was glorious to see Molly on stage one more time before she heads to college, and all the middle and high schoolers on that stage powered through a challenging situation and made sweet musical lemonade from sour-virus lemons. The staff at NJD is one-of-a-kind for making this work! “What I Did For Love” indeed.