Registration Fee

Please use the on-line registration links to sign up for all classes, workshops and camps.  A $40/student non-refundable registration fee is due at registration.

Musical Theatre/Theatre/Dance/Tech

Tuition is based on the number of enrolled hours, per family, per week. By using the charge provided to the right, any enrolled family can see the monthly charges based on that enrollment. For your convenience, the yearly fee can be paid in monthly installments beginning on Aug. 1st. These installments are monthly charges and are not related to the number of classes in each month. We do not prorate tuition for any reason. Holidays and closures are already calculated into your monthly payments. NO REFUNDS or deductions are given if a student misses class for any reason. Most classes are yearlong classes. However, some are partial year. The chart on the bottom of the page shows the first/last month tuition is applied based on the type of class.

* Hours are the total number of hours taken for all students in one family (adults and/or kids).

*** To calculate rate for 10+ hours, use the base rate of $55/hour and multiply by the number of hours enrolled per week. (For example, if it’s 12 hours per week, the rate would be 12x$55 = $660/month or $6660/year)

Performance Fee

All performance based classes (Theatre & Musical Theatre) include a one-time performance fee.  The fee is $175 and includes a performance t-shirt, 2 tickets, a DVD and covers some of the rental/cleaning costs for costumes.  The fee for siblings is $150 and does not include a DVD.

All Technical Theatre classes include a one-time performance fee (if your child is invited to participate back stage).  The fee is $95 per show and includes a performance t-shirt, 2 tickets, a DVD.

Performance Fees will be applied as follows: Rudolph – due at registration; 101 Dalmatians – Aug 1, 2022 or at registration (whichever is sooner); Les Miserables – Sept 1, 2022; West Side Story – Oct. 1, 2022; Newsies, Annie, Twisted Tales, Technical Theatre – Nov 1, 2022; Half Year Spring Program – Dec. 1, 2022 or at registration (whichever is sooner)

Hours per week per month
1 99
1.5 147
2 164
2.5 205
3 231
3.5 269.5
4 292
4.5 328.5
5 350
5.5 385
6 402
6.5 435.5
7 448
7.5 480
8 488
8.5 518.5
9 522
9.5 551
10 550

$55 per hour for anything over 10 hours


  1. Andrew takes a year-long Musical Theatre (Newsies OR Annie) and one dance class, and registers prior to Aug. 1, 2022. His total number of hours is 3 hours (2 hours for Musical Theatre and 1 hour for dance). His yearly tuition is $2310 (or $231/month). Upon registration, Andrew’s family would pay the $40 non-refundable registration PLUS a $150 deposit. On Aug 1st, the first month of tuition will automatically be billed and charged at a rate of $231 (minus the $150 deposit); with monthly tuition payments continuing through May 1st. His family would also pay a one-time performance fee of $175 on Nov. 1, 2022. 
  2. Lauren takes a dance class which meets once a week for one hour per week and registers on Sept. 4, 2022. Lauren’s yearly tuition is $990. At registration, Lauren’s family would pay $40 registration fee, the August tuition payment of $99 and the Sept tuition payment of $99. Dance classes are not performance based and therefore there is no performance fee.
  3. Siblings Jane and John take the year long Musical Theatre class (Newsies OR Annie) and they also, each take a dance class. They registered for all of their classes before Aug 1, 2022. Their total hours = 6. The yearly tuition for 6 hours is $4020 (or $402/month). At registration, Jane and John’s family would pay $80 registration fee AND a $300 deposit ($150/student). On August 1 they will pay their first tuition payment of $390 (less the $300 deposit). The family would also pay a one-time performance fee of $325 on Nov. 1, 2022. ($175 for Jane and $150 for John).
  4. Suzanne registers for the year long ADVANCED musical theatre class (AMT), Les Miserables and 2 dance classes, prior to August 1, 2022. In addition, they have registered for another year long musical theatre class, for example Annie, but have indicated, that they only want to do ONE of the year long musical theatre classes, the advanced class if they are invited to participate or the other musical theatre class if they are not invited to participate. Suzanne’s family would pay the $40 registration fee at registration AND a $150 deposit. Her total number of hours per week is assumed to be a minimum of 5 hours/week (3 hours/week for Les Miserables and 2 hours/week for dance). The yearly tuition for 5 hours/week of class instruction is $3500. On August 1, 2022, Suzanne’s family will be charged $350 (less the $150 deposit). If Suzanne is accepted in the AMT class, she will be automatically unenrolled in the other musical theatre class. The monthly tuition would be 5 hours/week which is $350/month. Monthly tuition payments of $350/month will continue from Sept through Feb 1, 2023. Then her family will be charged $164/month for March, April and May (for the 2 dance classes). If she is not accepted in the AMT program, she will automatically be unenrolled in the AMT class. The tuition fee of $292/month will be assessed from Sept 2022 – May 2023. A $58 credit will be applied for the September tuition amount ($350-$292). If Suzanne is in the AMT class, the performance fee of $175 will be assessed on Sept. 1, 2022. If she is enrolled in Annie, the performance fee or $175 will be assessed on Nov. 1, 2022.
  5. Mark registers for the West Side Story (Advanced Musical Theatre – AMT2) class prior to Aug. 1, 2022. Mark’s family will be charged the $40 registration fee AND a $150 deposit. In addition, Mark’s family will be contacted to discuss the dance requirement for the AMT2 class. Students intending to fulfill the dance requirement at another studio will need to submit a form with the relevant information verifying satisfaction of the requirement. They will also have the option of registering for a dance class through Not Just Dance. The monthly tuition for the AMT2 class is $231. On August 1, 2022, Mark’s family will be charged $231 (less the $150 deposit). If Mark is then NOT invited to participate, the amount paid in tuition towards the AMT class (in this particular example, the $231), is refunded. If Mark IS invited to participate and has not provided proof of registration in a dance class, Mark will be automatically enrolled in a dance class where there are openings. Since Mark will now be taking 4 hours/week, his monthly tuition will be $292/month. At that point, a tuition fee of $61 will be assessed ($292-$231) to cover the August payment for dance. The fees would then continue at the $292/month rate from Sept 2022 – March 2023; and then $99/month for April and May (because he is enrolled in 1 hour/week and the monthly tuition for the 1 hour/week class is $99/month). If Mark is accepted into the program and has provided proof of satisfying his dance requirement, the monthly tuition amount of $231 will be assessed from Sept 2022 – March 2023. On Oct 1, 2022, Mark’s family will be assessed the performance fee of $175.