West Side Story Audition Information All students must audition and be cast in order too participate in this program

August 24

6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Call Backs (if needed and by invitation only)

 August 26

6 pm – 9 pm

Please let us know if you have conflicts for call backs. 

*Register for an “West Side Story” Audition. If you are also auditioning for Les Mis, we ask that you audition, separately for Les Mis, on Aug. 20th. It is possible to have the one audition count for both shows. However, there is a different music director and choreographer for each show and it’s best to audition separately. We strongly recommend separate songs and monologues for each show.
Since this is an advanced class, we expect that all students will do their homework in terms of understanding the different characters (beyond “the leads”).

Scroll to the bottom and register for an audition slot. 


  • Prepare 32 bars of music.  Please pick from a musical (no pop music or rock music). Please bring a bluetooth compatible device.  No accompanist will be available.  Acapella is acceptable, however, not recommended. 
  • Prepare a 1 minute monologue. Please ensure that your monologue is age appropriate. No foul language. 
  • Come to the audition prepared for movement.  (A bit of choreography will be taught at the audition)
  • Fill out the Audition Form.  Bring it, along with a small photo.  (If a resume/headshot is available, please bring that along with the Audition Form). The audition form will be provided to registered students.

ALL students must be registered for West Side Story to audition.

If you have a conflict with the audition dates/times, please let us know at the time of registration. We will set up a separate audition for you.