Audition Workshops

From time to time, Not Just Dance offers Audition classes for various ages and levels. At any time, students are welcome to enroll in private lessons for help preparing for an audition – either a vocal lesson and/or a private coaching session to review monologues or prepare for cold reads. Please visit our Private Coaching page for more information.  Also, we have provided some recommendations in terms of books that are available for preparing for auditions. Please visit our product recommendation page. If there are no scheduled classes on this page, we recommend private coaching.

Note: For our summer camps, we typically provide either free or reduced cost audition workshops to help new students prepare for and feel more comfortable with the audition process. Please visit Summer Camp Auditions for more information.

Interested in auditioning for Not Just Dance? Please visit our Auditions page to learn about upcoming audition opportunities.

Ready to Register

Scroll to the bottom of this page to see what is available. If you are already registered for a class or camp at Not Just Dance, you can register for a workshop via the parent portal accounts.